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Howto exclude the documentation of the dependecy dll's and System.* dll's

Topics: Sandcastle Helpers, Sandcastle Tips
Jun 18, 2009 at 9:45 AM


I'm building class libraries (DLLs) for compact device.
I want to exclude the documentation for i.e. "Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms.dll", becouse documenting these methods is essentially pointless for me.
I want to document  only the members of my classes from my custom dll's  and not any of the framework OR dependencies dll's.
Is there a way to do that please?

Jun 18, 2009 at 4:03 PM

Thanks for the interest in the Sandcastle Assist project.

With the exception of the HelpRegister project, all the other projects are still in their alpha stages of development,
and therefore not recommended for general uses (even though I use it extensively for my own work).

We are currently working hard to complete the various parts, but will recommend you take a look at the currently
available GUI-based tools for sandcastle;


BTW, this is the way you can solve your problem with this library...

Using the ReferenceGroup class, we have quick methods for adding reference items and dependencies.

public void AddItem(string comments, string assembly);

Use this to add the comment file (*.xml) and the assembly (*.dll, *.exe).
The assembly parameter can be null, if you are adding document only (such as the documentation
of namespaces and/or the root).

public void AddDependency(string assembly);

Use this to add a dependency that you do not want to directly document. This is what you are
asking for.

Best regards,